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A timeless oak framed extension for the well known Cornish Arms.

Rick’s son Ed oversaw the build of an oak framed extension to their pub The Cornish Arms, featuring a Carpenter Oak Cornwall frame and traditional masonry walls.

“This was a really great project. It was unusual to be able to work purely with handcrafted natural materials and all the builders involved with the project really loved the fact that we were using oak and stone,” said Ed.

“The comments we have been getting are very positive – people love the smell of the oak and they relate to it as a material, maybe because it’s textural and it’s a raw earth material.”
The build was inspired by the 14th century church across the road and Ed is quite sure this new build will be around for just as long, if not longer. “We hit bed rock when we were building the foundations, so this is going to last hundreds of years.”

Lead Carpenter:
Frame Design:

Tim Simpson, Lead Carpenter


Blending old with new

Ed worked very closely with Carpenter Oak Cornwall’s frame designer Tom Jubb from the start of the project and was involved in the design phase. “We wanted the new build to look seamless and to tie the extension into the existing building so from the outside it wasn’t noticeable. The frame has worked really well for us – we’ve incorporated traditional elements and we wanted to maintain the feeling of being an old pub, and this has been very successful. Given that it’s a single storey there is a great sense of space, all the structure of the building is on show and we were able to keep the rafters visible. It came together really well.” The frame incorporates a raised collar truss with tapered posts and common rafters. The oak has not been given a finish so it looks weathered, which helps it blend in with the older parts of the pub.

The acoustics of oak

Ed has reported that the acoustics of the new dining room work really well too. “One of the reasons we chose oak was for the acoustics – because there are so many different elements and surfaces in the frame it breaks the sound up. This can be the most overlooked aspect of a restaurant design but for us it was one of the most important elements.”

If you are interested in using a timber frame for a commercial/ public project, speak to us, the earlier the better!

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